Kültürlerarası Hemşirelik Kongresi

21-22 Aralık 2021



Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding the "6th National 3rd International Transcultural Nursing Congress" online on 21-22 December 2021, in cooperation with Anadolu Health Center and "Transcultural Nursing Association (Kültürlerarası Hemşirelik Derneği )". The congress will be hosted by a hospital for the first time, with a plan to bring you many new and different topics in the field of transcultural nursing with a multidisciplinary, international, and practical approach. We will be honored to see academicians, clinicians, executive nurses, as well as students and all of our colleagues from other disciplines who contribute to this field, who are interested in and work on this subject at our congress.

We are planning to raise the awareness of all participants by bringing together national and international experts who have deepened and gained experience in the main themes we have determined. The congress includes the concept of "Interreligious nursing", which will be discussed for the first time in Turkey. We planned five different panels on "Cultural approach to different religions", "Cultural approach in health tourism", "Cultural approach to immigration, immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees", "Current Intercultural Approach in Nursing" and " "Transcultural approaches in nursing in different countries". We invited speakers from ten different countries on four continents to our panels.

We look forward to meeting with you, to include the work of our colleagues who are interested in the subject, and to discuss developments in the field of transcultural nursing at the national and international level and to share with you an announcement that was late due to the pandemic. We hope to share more detailed information about the congress, where all papers will be accepted as oral presentations, on the congress web page and the "Transcultural Nursing Association" page as soon as possible.


Congress Co-Chair

Kültürlerarası Hemşirelik Derneği Başkanı


Congress Co-Chair

Anadolu Medical Center Hospital, Patient Care and Nursing Services Director

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  • Interreligion nursing
  • Spiritual care
  • Cultural approach to immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers
  • Cultural approaches in health tourism
  • Xenophobia (Fear of strangers)
  • Intercultural conflict
  • Intercultural tolerance
  • Use of evidence in transcultural nursing
  • Use of technology in transcultural nursing
  • Use of transcultural nursing models
  • Culturally adequate approaches in nursing education
  • Culturally competent approaches in nursing care
  • Disadvantaged groups and cultural approaches
  • Cultural approaches to pandemics

Important Dates


Deadline for Submission of Papers : 22 November 2021

Deadline for Announcement of Accepted Papers : 29 November 2021

Deadline for Submitting Full Text : 6 December 2021



The participation fee for all authors presenting papers in the congress is $25. Discounts will be applied to participants who are members of the Intercultural Nursing Association. The participation fee for these participants is $20. Those who pay this participation fee can choose one of the broadcasting opportunities they want. Since all abstracts and full texts will be converted into publications, the same fee applies to authors who will only publish abstracts.


The participation fee as a listener to the congress is $15. Certificates will be issued to the participants.


“Our congress will be held online as the process regarding the Covid-19 pandemic is uncertain and it is predicted to not end soon. Through the Zoom program, our congress will be easily participated and the process will be managed by a professional team. For anyone who wants to participate and listen, the congress will be just a click away. ”



Abstract / Full Text Publication in Proceedings Book

The papers presented at the conference will be published as an e-book with ISBN. Authors can have their abstracts or full texts published in the conference full text book. Publication Fee; The publication fee for the conference abstracts and full texts books is included in the conference participation fee, and no additional fee is charged.

Deadline for submitting full texts 06 December 2021

Section in editorial book

The papers presented at the conference will be published in an editorial book according to their fields. Authors will be able to publish their papers as an article section in an editorial book with ISBN and banded appropriate for their field. Editorial books will be published electronically. The works sent to these books will be subject to the review of the relevant boards and proof-reading may be requested for English studies if necessary. Publication Fee; Editorial book chapter publication fee is inclueded in the participation fee for the conference, and so no additional fee is charged.

Deadline for submitting chapter(s) to editorial book 06 December 2021

Publication in Indexed Journals

Participants who wish can have their papers published in international refereed and indexed journals, provided that they pass the journal boards. 

Publication Fee; Journal publication fee is allocated within the conference participation fee, and no additional fee is requested.

Deadline for submitting articles to the journal 06 December 2021

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